DLP dimensions are 2048×1080 (1.896:1). No anamorphic DCPs in SMPTE standards. Also I’m not aware of a single installation with anamorphic lenses over here. Maybe in Austria? These projectors are quite flexible when it comes to mapping source to target dimensions so you probably could work something out.

We’re basically stuck with 2048×858 for 2:39 Anamorphic (or the 4K equivalent). But base in a Spherical projection.

There is no anamorphic DCP as we are used to having with film prints. “Scope” is precisely defined in the DCI to be 2.39:1 (Slightly wider than film which has been 2.35:1). A theatrical Digital Cinema Package must be delivered in a 2048 x 1080 container for 2K, with picture letterboxed to 2048 x 858. 4K is delivered in a 4096 x 2160 container letterboxed to 4096 x 1716.

FYI: A 16 x 9 original can meet the 1.85:1 “Flat” standard delivered 2k in the 2048 x 1080 container, by letterboxing in either of two formats: 1920 x 1080 with 39-pixel side pillar bars, or enlarged to 1998 x 1038 (losing 21 pixels at the top and bottom of the frame). The “flat” container for 4k is 3996 x 2160.

from the film "The Looper"
Frame from “The Looper”.

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