GoPro Hero 4 BLACK on Glowdive Double Flexiarm KIT GP + ITORCH PRO 6 LIGHTS

Lumens: 2800 Aprox. ( x2 lights = 5600 lumens )
Weight: 206gr. without battery, 344gr. with battery
Lithium battery included (+ spare included)
Includes adapter YS
Beam: 120 smoothing ideal for video / photo
Beam angle: 110º
Color Temperature 5000ºK-10000ºK
Waterproof: 100m/333ft
White light power levels: 4: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%
red light power levels: 2: 100%, 50%
Range: 50-200 min

A comprehensive approach lighting equipment and video that includes 2800 lumens of white light, red light to approach skittish animals and ultraviolet light for fluorescence observation.
With the two included batteries always have a charged, even doing repetitive dives. The removable and easily replaceable batteries guarantee a performance focus with maximum benefits for many years, because even if the batteries deteriorate with time can be changed, keeping your focus.
The included adapter allows YS adapt easily focus the team photo / video.


1x Glowdive Tray Double Flexiarm Kit GP
2x iTorch PRO 6, 2800 lumens aprox. ( x2 lights = 5600 lumens )
4x iTourch Batteries
2x Chargers